Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WHQR: The Junk Floating Off Our Coast (2009-08-19)

WHQR: The Junk Floating Off Our Coast (2009-08-19)

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Being a huge fan of NPR, I wake up to it every morning. It's a much kinder way to start the day than a blaring alarm clock, plus, it usually has something on worth waking up for. Even though I knew it was coming it startled me this morning, while making my bed, when my name shot across the room. Last week, Catherine Welch from WHQR had interviewed Jennifer O'Keefe and me on our trip into the North Atlantic Gyre. Yet another great opportunity to bring awareness to the problem with marine debris and Catherine eliquintally gave it good coverage. Thanks again Catherine for the radio spot.

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  1. I saw that coverage about the marine debris. Catherine did a pretty good job in that report, giving all details of what is going on with all that junk floating all around. After I new about it an interesting commercial break about Generic Viagra showed up on the screen.