Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pluckin' Plastic

That's what I'll be talking about at Bonnaroo. Representing Algalita Marine Research Foundation, I'll be discussing the plastic and oil cocktail our oceans are on and what we can do to help the detox efforts.

Petroleum is killing our oceans on many fronts - through our burning fossil fuels causing ocean acidification, oil that spills into our oceans daily (scores of rigs and ships spill on top of the slow motion disaster in the Gulf), and then there's the 27 million lbs of plastic (which is made out of oil) that enters our oceans daily. All of which kills sea life from phytoplankton to coral to several ton whales. This should give you some idea why I've been out to the North Atlantic and North Pacific "pluckin'" plastic. Day in day out, 27 million lbs. of discarded plastics enter our oceans.
I'll be in Bonnaroo talking about how we plucked plastic from two ocean gyres.You can pluck the plastic too by refusing it every chance you can and when you do, you tell the oil companies you don't want their oil. Less demand, less reason to be drilling. Pluck plastic.

My venues at Bonnaroo:June 12 - Rock the Earth Panel Discussion "Social Change through Music" Solar Stage 1-230 and Cinema Tent Q and A with Ryan Stasik 2:30-4:30.
Hope to see you there.


  1. What a PLUCKFASTIC idea!! I swear people think that I'm crazy when I start talking plastics and relating it to the oil spill... thank you for making me feel sane!!! Bonnie YOU amaze ME!!!

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  3. Ryan great meeting you at Bonnaroo. if you are serious about going out to sea email

  4. yes the oil spills and also oils from various industrial wastes add up to a lot and hinder the healthy growth of underwater life.Therefore the oceans have to be protected from all this waste.
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