Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big News on the Plastic Ocean Front

Two weeks ago I had an email conversation with 5Gyres' Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummings along with Ron Ritter from Pangaea Explorations and its official. I will be flying to Rio De Janeiro on November 4th, climbing aboard the Panaea Explorations RV Sea Dragon and sailing to Cape Town, Africa. We will be sampling the center of the South Atlantic gyre while out at sea for nearly a month.

Here's an opportunity for you to vertually ride along in the warm spring air while it turns colder in the Northern hemisphere. I'll be sending photos and possibly short videos of our findings as well as how 14 of us live on a 72 foot ship. But I could use help from my friends. My share of the expenses is $7000. If you want to learn more and perhap consider making a small donation to our research, check out You'll find lots of pictures and videos from my last voyages out into the N. Atlantic and N. Pacific.

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