Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Vote With Our Dollars

One of the reasons why plastic packaging got out of control was because we didn't think we had a choice.   It wasn't until people started questioning our plastic consumption and educating others that we actually could live without so much plastic packaging that there has been a shift.  People like Annie Leonard, Charlie Moore, Ted Danson, and Beth Terry inspired so many of us to get curious too.  What we found out was plastic creates problems on many levels, from the limited resources that it is made from like petroleum and natural gas, to the way it ends up in the environment wreaking havoc on animals, to the mere fact that it take centuries to break down and along the way deposits harmful chemical into us and the environment.  

What can we do about it?  More and more we are starting to see plastic-free items on our shelves and that is because we are part of a base-line shift away from plastic.  We are only at the beginning, but as more and more of us vote with our dollars, purchasing items based on their limited use of plastic, we control what is on our store shelves.  We vote with our dollars.  In the process, we are supporting small businesses like Glass Darma, Chico Bags, and Green Room Greeting Cards.  If you want to learn more about just how to be plastic-free, order Beth Terry's book, "How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too."


  1. Thanks for mentioning the book! It was a ton of work but I think it will be very helpful for people who want to find practical answers as well as inspiration from some pretty cool people I have profiled in the book.

  2. I think what I like best about your message Beth is that reducing your use of plastic is not misery, it's quite the contrary.

  3. Great post. Our latest greatest way to cut down our plastic use is to make our own bread, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings - all that stuff that gets bought over and over and over again. I thought making our own stuff would be to burden on my time etc. But I am enjoying it a lot. I make extra and freeze it or give it away. So my friends really like to see me coming!