Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bon's Voyage

I'm sitting in the Atlanta Airport waiting for my flight to Bermuda. This is my first exploration in pursuit of the Plastic Ocean. By baggage houses 10 lbs of clothing/incidentals and 100 lbs of equipment. I'm armed with Charlie Moore's 45 lbs. Manta Trawl, borrowed glassware (thank you UNCW's Dr. Pam Seaton and Heather McCreery), hardware, and a loaner flowmeter from Tom Lankford. Jennifer will be bringing many in-kind supplies i.e. a GPS generously donated for this project. An example of the collaboration needed to help identify an environmental problem and it's the same necessary collaboration needed to correct it. Above is the ship that we will be aboard and will be trawling at various times of day and NIGHT as far out as 31 degrees 45 North, 64 degrees 64 W. I will be sending video soon so stay tuned. Time to catch my flight.

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