Friday, July 24, 2009

Go-Flo Bottles sampling for Trace Metals

One thing I have learned while being out on this research vessel is what little I know about a lot of things. BIOS Dr. Maureen Conte, the lead scientist on the Atlantic Explorer Research Vessel heads up several research projects while out at sea. One that Jennifer helped participate in while I filmed was the rigging and deployment of the Go-Flo bottles. These bottles sample for trace metals as deep as 3000 meters! Using Kevelar wire so as to not contaminate the samples, they remain closed until the release valves are triggered so that the only water that is captured is the water at the specific locations down deep in the ocean layers. Rachel Franzblau, Conte's undergraduate assistant, explains in the video.


  1. You guys are awesome!!! Keep it up! I'm forwarding your Blog on to Surf Camp and everyone else I know!
    Love ya, Be safe!!

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