Monday, September 7, 2009

First posts from Algalita's blog

The first posts are up! Bon voyage to my fellow trashhound and the entire Alguita crew.

Today, September 7, Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita is scheduled to depart on a 10 year retrospective voyage to study plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean! This voyage from Hawaii to California will include an opportunity for the research team to re-sample the original 1999 plastic debris sampling locations. This 10-year time span will provide further information about the rate of growth and seasonal changes in plastic density in this remote region of the North Pacific Ocean. The data from the 1999 trip will be significantly strengthened by a summer sampling of the same transects during this ten year anniversary of the Algalita Marine Research Foundations first research voyage to the "garbage patch". The levels of plastic can then be compared to the levels found ten years ago, and related to our model predictions, allowing for a determination of growth during that period.
To learn more about how the ORV Alguita research team studies plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean visit the link below!
To learn more about the research crew and how they got involved in working aboard and Oceanographic Research Vessel visit this link:


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    So you are off into the ocean? I hope you find your sea legs quickly and find lots of interesting stuff. Happy Trails,


  2. One month ago on August 7th we were just approaching the eastern part of the gyre. I am looking forward to reading about the expedition and meeting you all upon your return!

    Keep posting! We are interested.

    Aloha! We are looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing you back upon your arrival. I am just sorting through all my photos and video from the SEAPLEX cruise I was on in September aboard the New Horizon. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. We are already looking forward to hearing what you all find! Say hello to Bill and Charles, just saw Michael and the entire crew from Kaisei last week.

    Annie Crawley

  3. Pam and Annie - and everyone - please keep an eye on this blog, plus and

    I am also posting video from Bonnie at

    I'll continue to post from this trip, and post more from our Bermuda trip as well.