Wednesday, September 2, 2009


No way! I was just talking with someone about sea turtles too! There have been so many times that Bonnie and I realized we’d been on the same track without planning or realizing it.

There have, however, been a few times when we weren’t on the same page, and they tend to suggest that I either need to have my hearing checked and/or my 4 year old gets his lackluster listening skills from me.

Bonnie and I went snorkeling in Bermuda and after swimming around for quite awhile looking for a good spot, she said, “J – dark!”

I ripped the snorkel out and said, “SHARK?!” I’d love to see a little shark tooling around, but I looked behind us and we were a long way from shore, if there was a big hungry shark out there we were in a pickle.

When I turned around Bonnie’s snorkel was still out too, but she was laughing because she’d tried to tell me that she saw a dark patch, meaning there was a reef where fish would be. And I was planning a frantic sprint back to shore.

The fun continued on the boat when I thought she was telling me there were 6 foot rats floating by – turns out there were mats, as in mats of sargassum. And I can’t even remember how we got turned around confusing Bali with Raleigh.

There are more plastic related tales from Bermuda that I’ll share interspersed with Bonnie’s updates from the North Pacific Gyre. She’s entrusted me post all updates from her North Pacific Gyre adventure right here. I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to hear all about it.

As I type this, she, Noni Sanford, and Bill Cooper are down at one of the worst beaches for marine debris. Stay tuned.

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