Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More on Segway the Sea Lion Fishing Line scar(f)

On October 9, 2009, I witnessed treatment given to a sea lion named Segway at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in California. Segway was found with one strand of monofilament (fishing line) around her neck. She was not sedated, only local antisteshia was applied. Even though she was a wild animal, she must have known the good people at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center were there to help her because she didn't put up a big fight though out the 30 minute procedure. It might also have been because she was just too week to eat. Her body weight was well below normal. She was starving to death due to her injury.

I received word yesterday that she is doing fine, but that it had been touch and go for a lot longer than expected. One strand of fishing line created a gash in this yearlings neck several inches wide and deep. Check out the video and if this doesn't change peoples thinking about ridiculously durable plastics, I don't know what can. To learn more about Segway and the center

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