Saturday, November 14, 2009

What BBC and I have in Common

One of the beaches I visited while in Hawaii and later wrote about is Kamilo Bay, Hawaii. A BBC film crew had been led down to this beach just like I had been by Noni and Ron Stanford. What I was told, the producer broke down when seeing it. It, too, made my knees weak to see this remote beach covered in everyday use plastics and fishing gear. Imagine the esteemed beautiful beaches in Hawaii getting pummeled with plastic trash. As Captain Moore states it comes in from the Pacific Rim meaning from all the continents that surround the Pacific. I saw it with my own eye. Items from Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and the US, to name a few, littered the beach and that's only the recognizable stuff. Broken fragments visibly washed in with each wave.

Here's the thing. Of all the problems the ocean is experiencing right now this is the one with the easiest fix. Use less plastic, reuse plastic items you already bought and buy stuff that doesn't come in plastic like a bar of soap instead of body wash in a plastic bottle. It's a start! Oh and everyday, just pick up one piece of trash that isn't yours. It'll make you feel good.

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