Thursday, February 4, 2010

Research into the Atlantic Continues with

It's been less than a year since Jennifer O'Keefe and I reported the accumulation of marine debris and the plastics with bite marks found on Bermuda's beaches as well as the plastic particles that we found in the Atlantic trawls like what was found in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Now, Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins with Algalita Marine Research Foundation as well as Joel Pascal (JUNK) have taken on this research to bring awareness that confirms our finding with the BIOS cruise from last July.

This crew aboard the Sea Dragon is taking it one step further and sailing from Bermuda to the Azores in attempt to locate the accumulation zone in the Atlantic like what Captain Moore located in the Pacific.
With the appropriate funding, we hope to retrace their steps to this possible accumulation zone to compare their finding from this winter cruise to our summer '10 cruise. Follow their several blogs on the link below. Its packed with their findings. For example, on the blog you'll find possible evidence that one of the most pelagic fish in all our oceans, the trigger fish that feed the larger fish in the food chain, (the fish we eat) may be eating our plastic.

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