Monday, July 5, 2010

Bermudian Life

Day one in Bermuda did not fare so well. I'm punning. Note to self, always, always, always check the name on your suitcase before you put it in a Taxi that costs $30 to go 3 miles. Bermuda is not cheap especially in taxi fare. I realized I grabbed the wrong bag 24 hours after being here. My suitcase that contained all my research supplies also had one pair of sandals that I luckily decided to wear yesterday morning. Had I waited six more hours, I would have missed the opportunity to return the bag. The reason? The person it belonged to was on a cruise from Bermuda to the Caribbean and it was leaving at 4pm.

I grabbed the suitcase and brought it back to the airport hoping that it would be the end of the ordeal. My bag was still there and the only way I could get it back was to return the bag to the rightful owner which meant taking a taxi from one end of the island to the other.
Ten minutes into our journey, the cabby pointed out the ships off in the distance. I thought to myself, "Okay $25 there, $25 back, $60 with the tip I can handle that." Fifteen minutes later he said, "Okay, we're half way there." The meter rolled in tandom with my stomach.

The cabby knew I was getting sicker by the second so he started giving me the history of the island, pointing out significant details to the landscape, how Bermudians work together on the island to keep drugs out, how they fine people for not taking care of their property, and how they keep poverty at a bare minimum. "Everyone has the opportunity to work." he said. If they lose their job, there are programs that help people find a job that works for them. They provide training until they find a skill." There are 62,000 Bermudians on the island. One car per family. And all cars are regulated with chips that provide inspection and registration information. There are inconspicuous stations on the road that detect the sensors to ensure nothing is past due. It was important to him to keep mentioning no stray cats or dogs. About every 10 miles he'd mention it. What he didn't mention was the stray chickens and roosters.

Roosters that crow starting at 4am. One serenaded me around 6am and didn't stop until the neighbors came out to shew it away. They are loud. One is crowing right now off in the distance.

I crowed when I had to hand over $195 for my round trip to the airport, to the dockyard and back to the hotel. But in such a beautiful place, its difficult to stay upset for long.

Tomorrow we begin our beach surveys stay tuned.


  1. I'm glad you are in a beautiful area. Chalk up the experience to a high-priced, private guided tour!

  2. Good luck dude! Could have gone much worse! I hope that doesn't cut in to our camera budget! :-)

  3. Jason!!! can you believe that!!!! Ugg. No worries man. I got your back.

  4. MJ, I'm going with your advice - and it might have been much worse shipping the suitcase to the Caribbean!

  5. I've heard that Bermuda is expensive - but $195 for a cab ride? I would have had to offer to do the dishes! Is Pam with you? Hope you have a very successful trip, not that I'm on the side of plastic!