Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rooster call

This is what I'm talking about. There are roosters and chickens everywhere. One of the locals called them the Bermuda rat. I prefer roosters over rats any day, but at 6am? Not so much. For the past 7 days this rooster stood under the my belcony window and belted repeatedly for 30 minutes until I finally got up either to chase it away or shoot it - not with a gun like I would like to but video. It was like a farm out on my patio - two chickens, a chick, two roosters battling for their attention and a stray black cat.

The rooster would be followed by morning beach sampling. Its tough going to these most beautiful beaches and having to work. The slave driver, Dr. Cooper, wouldn't even allow for breaks to jump into the water until the sampling was done. Here we are arguing . . .

It could be worse. It was forecast to rain for 10 days straight and the past two days have been relatively dry. Tomorrow, I'll take you for a ride through Bermuda.

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  1. Good morning! Now we know why roosters appear so least he's not Foghorn Leghorn. :)