Friday, November 26, 2010

Black yet Bright Day in the South Atlantic: Day 18

Blog 8-- Friday November 26, 2010   "Black Friday"

It was a beautiful day, though cool.  We had to dip down more southerly to get ourselves into the high pressure system which means it is colder.  It would be like driving to New Jersey or Pennsylvania from Wilmington, NC.

The sun was out all day and we all came in with red cheeks and big smiles.  The sea state is just above a 2-- winds around 15-20 knots and 1-2 foot waves.  A lot of trash.  I've been doing my hour-long timed observations. and counted a lot of debris today.  We even had a ghost net hung up on our trawl.  That's a first.  I've not seen that happen in previous voyages.

I processed a couple of our samples from start to finish.  I took some pictures and will share once I get to Cape Town.  Our plans are a bit sketchy right now.  We are running several days late and hope to catch up some time on the way in.  The captain has a flight to catch on the 9th and we all plan on going to a eco-tourism white shark cage observation.  Should be some great photos from that as well.  I'll give the particulars on their process once I know more.

In the meantime, we did our Black Friday shopping collecting free floating debris.  All of us are blown away by the amount of stuff we are seeing that the seas have calmed and we're in the high pressure system.

More later.


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