Thursday, November 4, 2010

TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch

What started my curiousity regarding the issue of plastic marine pollution was learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a grad course I was taking in 2008. So you can only imagine how jazzed I am about TEDx hosting a HUGE patch of some powerful and knowledgable people on this very subject. So make a date with your computer on Saturday to watch the conference on this very subject.
Watch live streaming video from tedxgp2 at

Just an update on my fundraising for research in the South Atlantic open-ocean, I'll be jumping 29,050 times between being on Brazil soil to being on S. Africa's. My goal is 100,000 so if you can spare some change, make me jump. Or if you prefer to make Jennifer O'Keefe jump, just say so in your donation and we'll get her in the act too!!!!

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