Saturday, November 6, 2010

Follow us across the South Atlantic

I´m in Rio typing from a cafe that you pay by the minute soll keep it short. We set sail on Monday leaving from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Cape Town, Africa. We are a team of 13. Already we have seen devastated waters along streams and rivers here and along the shoreline. Rio is one of those places that brings mountain ranges right up to the curb of the ocean. Houses are carved out in the mountains side and bring bright colored flats that liven-up the deep green vegatation. Beautiful. I´ll send pictures tomorrow. Until then, if you want to learn more about this 1st time ever transect looking for plastic in the marine environment, go to
The blogs:

5 Gyres Blog
Pangaea Exploration Blog
Live Map of Sea Dragon's position can be viewed here:
Friends and family can keep track of the weather we're getting here:

More later.


  1. I am excited for the entire group, can't wait for pictures.

  2. I'm glad for your safe arrival and wish you and the crew fair winds for your journey. Typying by the minute charge had to increase your speed! :)

  3. Be safe and enjoy. Positive thoughts to you all.