Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Atlantic: Day 3

It's Saturday, the 13th, and we're hoping it's a lucky day for us.  Not that is has been totally bad.  NPR contacted us.  Marcus and Anna will be on so be sure to listen.  I'll let you know when. Our communication system is still troubled so I have to type everything on the ship's computer which is really tough. I cant send pictures yet which is another bummer because there is such beauty out here. We've seen albatross, petrels, and frigget birds. Last night the sky began clearing on my 10-2am shift and we saw stars in the sky as well as in our wake.  Bioluminescence sparked our white caps. Amazing gazing with my shift peops, Stiv Wilson, Mary Maxwell, and Rich Owen.

Jennifer and Danielle, I'm sure you're itching to know about the samples. We continue to find plastic in each trawl, but nothing like we found in the N. Pacific or the N. Atlantic. We're still 500 miles outside the small accumulation zone we are going to hit, then on to the largest one in the S. Atlantic.  We'll send pictures when it is possible. Jody Lemmon put out a fishing line and caught a lid-fish - a 15 inch garbage pail lid. 

No fish yet after 2 days, but we did catch plastic!!

Today we woke to our first blue sky. Like moths to a flame, it brought many of us from our berths early.  We're hoping the days of 30 plus knot winds and rough seas are behind us.

Stay tuned.


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