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Truth About Plastic
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Getting plastic out of your life made easy peasy with Beth Terry and Danielle Richardet. Come out to University of North Carolina Wilmington's Lumina Theater, Monday March 11th at 7pm to hear fun ways to reduce your use of plastic and how you might find yourself eating better, and feeling better inside and out.

If you cannot make it, buy Beth Terry's book, "Plastic Free: How I kicked the plastic habit and you can too." Found most anywhere including Amazon.

As the video reveals, all it takes is a little bit of wind and bags  become airborne traveling great distances from their original use location.  So here are some tips on what to look for when replacing plastic bags.
  • -There are many places to purchase reusable bags, at your local pharmacy, grocer. 
  • -Online like Christina Trapani's Eco Maniac Company online.
  • -Non-profit organizations sell them as fundraisers like Algalita Marine Research Foundation
  • (keeping them in your car is the best place or in your hand bag or man purse.)
  • If you have to use paper bags, make sure you look for these attributes: Ecologo-certified, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, Green Seal or Post -Consumer-Recycled (PCR). Make sue they are NON-chlorine-bleached paper or paper products NOT made from virgin paper. Posted using Do One Green Thing By Mindy Pennybacker. 2/5/12
If we stopped using water bottles in the US, we would save nearly 17 million BARRELS of petroleum annually, that's enough to fuel 1 MILLION cars for a year! - Mindy Pennbacker Do One Green Thing book. Try not using a plastic beverage bottle for one week, not just water and you will save one fourth of each single use bottle in petroleum. What to use instead: -Light weight unlined stainless steel bottles -Water bottles with built-in filters -Plastic bottles BPA free Or, re-use a glass jar, no need to get fancy.  Thermos also makes water bottles and insulated bottles. If you need to drink soda, buy the liter bottle and refill smaller containers. The name of the game is reducing, not suffering.  Get what you need, but always be conscious of what happens to the waste you create.  If you go to a party and its a choice between a plastic cup that can't be recycled or a bottle that can, grab the bottle.  If you have to make a choice between a wax cardboard carton like a juice box or a plastic recycle bottle, choose the recyclable.  But of course, the best option is to not use any one-time use containers. 


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